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Cruise 2017 Show

31 May 2016 - Blenheim Palace -
18H00 (GMT+02)

The journey from Paris to Blenheim Palace where the Cruise Collection will be shown in the presence of the fashion community is the point of departure for Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux, leading the Christian Dior creative team.

The inspiration was not only the post-war high society’s wardrobes, but also the restlessness and wanderlust that characterized the period: the urge to travel, to discover the new. English country life is expressed via the tradition of the hunt – its reflection in the decorative arts, rather than its reality. Shots of red are evocative of the hunting pink, rustic tweeds and crisp poplin of country attire, while nineteenth-century equestrian scenes are knitted into intricate pictorial jacquards or fused into English country florals. Those intermingle with rich devoré velvets and silks in Asian and African prints, patterns and embroideries, underscoring a mood of exploration, a curiosity about the world, and a fundamentally English eccentricity in dress – a story told through the cloth on your back.

These inspirations from across the Channel meet the silhouettes and decorative details drawn from Parisian haute couture. The curvilinear form of the Bar jacket is tailored close to the body, and abbreviated at the hip or echoed in grand gestures of cloth – a full sleeve, a gathered peplum or pocket on generous coats. Their volume is Dior, their referent is British, while their spirit is contemporary. The Bar is sometimes bisected, the basque wrapping the hips; other times the shape is transposed to draped tea dresses. Each detail is drawn from the oeuvre of Monsieur Dior, a reflection of the House’s storied past. Dior’s signature bow is pulled undone, passed through the décolleté or reverse like a foulard, to close and simultaneously embellish, adding a dynamic movement to strict shapes. The conversation between France and England echoes a dialogue between the past and the present, creative exchanges between the two countries. In the eighteenth century, France adopted English fashions in a craze dubbed Anglomania; in the twentieth, the exchange reversed, and French fashions were exported for fevered consumption in Great Britain, none more so than Christian Dior’s New Look. Monsieur Dior frequently turned to the UK for inspiration: his own suits were tailored on Savile Row, and he used the masculinity of fabrics like English wools, Scottish tweeds and Prince of Wales check to underscore the femininity of his creations. Male meeting female, France joining England.

Almost seventy years later, the house of Dior pays homage to that ongoing creative and cultural exchange, staging the runway show of the 2017 Cruise Collection in the heart of the English countryside. The setting is Blenheim Palace, a symbol of quintessential Englishness, in the style the French dubbed Baroque. The birthplace of Winston Churchill, the seat of the dukes of Marlborough, and twice the backdrop for Dior haute couture presentations, in 1954 and 1958, each to a royal audience, Blenheim is steeped in history. Then as now, curiosity about the world leads you on a voyage of discovery, one that is symbolic of looking for the new.

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Take a look back in images at the fashion shows organized by the house of Dior at Blenheim Palace in 1954 and 1958.


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We take a look at the location for the cruise 2017 show organized at Blenheim Palace.

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Actresses Emma Roberts and Kate Mara spotted at our Cruise 2017 show. #DiorCruise #StarsinDior

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For this cruise 2017 collection, the Dior woman finds her inspiration in travel and discovery. Her bracelets are an accumulation of bangles of different materials and colors such as dark wood, leather, enamel, stones and metal. Zebra stripes and giraffe prints pop up, corresponding not only to the collection's inspirations but also to Monsieur Dior's fondness for animal references.

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All lined-up and ready to go, a glimpse of the models backstage only seconds before hitting the catwalk at the Blenheim Palace.

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Guests wearing Dior to the cruise show in the English countryside.

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For this cruise show which revisits the House's heritage through the prism of English and exotic inspirations, the ateliers were required to reinvent the cut and the structure of emblematic Dior styles. The Bar jacket, that iconic piece from the first show, in 1947, was rethought: its curves were reworked, shaped closer to the body, the peplums replaced by imposing draping, necessitating skillful handling to control the fabric volume, while the complex architecture of the waist was reimagined and accentuated by bows or ribbon drawstrings.

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Pour le défilé croisière 2017, Peter Philips, le Directeur de la Création et de l’Image du maquille Dior a imaginé un look magnétique où l’attention est portée sur le regard. La teinte bronze foncée est un statement imaginé dans les backstages du show.

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Interview with Peter Philips

An ultra-graphic and modern makeup look created by Peter Philips for the #DiorCruise 2017 fashion show.

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